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A life boat of hope
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“I was spiritually adrift”


For years, Larry was floating through life. Growing up, he worked on a charter fishing boat with his father. But at 21, with his captain’s license and a new sense of freedom, he began abusing drugs and alcohol, sinking deeper into dangerous waters.

“A cycle of horror.”

Through much of his adult life, Larry was abusing substances. “It took me a while to figure out how damaging it was to me,” he says. When he injured his neck while working, he got hooked on the pain medications. “I healed but went back to using drugs to avoid drinking. And then I would drink to distract myself from drugs. It was a cycle of horror.”

“I lost my trustworthiness, my decision-making abilities, my thought process. I was just a mess,” he says.

“I was spiritually adrift.”

“On the water, I was always saying, ‘I can handle this,’ because I would be responsible for boats, equipment and people all at the same time. But then I realized I wasn’t in control of my own life.”

That’s when Larry came to the Mission and joined our Life Change Program.

“I felt a change in myself.”

The encouragement and knowledge Larry received here allowed him to move forward. “I let go of my burdens, fears and insecurities and let the power of Christ come into me and give me a peace I never felt before,” Larry says.

Through education, relapse prevention classes, Bible studies and mentorship, Larry discovered a new life anchored to Christ. Even after graduating in April, he immediately joined Leadership Training so he could assist other men in their walks of recovery.

“A decision to sink or swim.”

Larry is grateful to every supporter of the Mission because “without them, this place wouldn’t exist,” he says. “I can see now that God directed me here, and I was saved because of it.”

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