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A life boat of hope
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"The Mission changes everything"


Carl started drinking when he was just 14, following in his alcoholic father’s footsteps. “My mom said she knew I’d start drinking one day. She just didn’t think I would be so young,” he says. 

Carl’s drinking spiraled out of control when he was 23, and he struggled with binge drinking for the next 18 years. “The days I drank, I didn’t care about work or anything,” he says. 

His drinking lost him jobs, landed him in jail for DUIs and ruined his relationships. When his last girlfriend kicked him out for drinking, he had no place to go. 

It was then that two friends, who’d been through our Life Change Program, recommended the Mission. 

“I prayed on the beach that day and I got the overwhelming feeling that this was the right thing to do,” Carl says. “This was divine intervention.” 

Since coming to the Mission, Carl has grown in his relationship with the Lord. “I’ve always had belief and respect. Now, I have hope and faith,” he says. “I have someone to turn to, and my negative thoughts are subsiding.” 

Carl is going on to our sister Mission in Morristown for the next phase of the program with a new lease on life. “I’m moving in a positive direction,” he says. “This Mission changes everything. It gives you hope.”

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