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A life boat of hope
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“I never thought God could help me…”


Sometimes life really surprises us!

Patrick grew up in an ideal family…“I went to church every Sunday. Mom was a Jersey City school teacher. My father was a fireman. We had pretty much everything that we ever wanted.”

What could go wrong?

But Patrick was “a little on the wild side.” He was twelve years old when he started smoking weed with friends. Then, the drinking began. He “had a couple of car accidents” and was arrested for drunk driving.

His family didn’t give up on him. They sent him to a number of treatment centers.

Then, tragedy struck.

Patrick was 23 when his father died. “He was my best friend. He passed away suddenly from a heart attack, and that’s when my drinking really took off.”

When his father died, Patrick was devastated. His drinking increased and he made a number of attempts to stop.

“I believed in God. I had gone to church. But I never thought God could help me.”

Then, Patrick found himself here at the Mission.

“The third night I was here, in chapel, I said, ‘God, please show me what I need to do. I need Your help.’”

“After that, I felt relieved. This whole time I’d been trying to do everything on my own, and now I didn’t have to!”

Patrick started reading the Bible every day. “I would take the Bible into dinner every night when people came to the Mission for food. I would sit and read and take notes and talk to the people coming in.”

Patrick also entered the Life Change Recovery Program here at the Mission. His days were filled with tasks to strengthen his mind and body, counseling, chapel, Bible studies and attendance at AA meetings.

From there, he moved onto our long-term recovery program at the Market Street Mission in Morristown, got a job and went back to school.

I felt God calling me to work in a Christian setting and help other people with addiction problems.”

Patrick began working toward his Master’s degree, then learned about an opening here at the Mission to be a counselor! Patrick’s recovery at the Mission has come full circle as he now serves others by offering a listening ear and spiritual guidance.

“I was given the Word of God at a time when I needed hope the most. I know God is working through me and He has placed me where He wants me!”

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Help other men like Patrick…

Patrick's story of hope and healing is inspiring. Our Life Change Recovery Program exists to help other men in Asbury Park find healing. Will you help provide this help to others?